FIR linear group delay / linear phase at crossover point active cross over plug-in for foobar2000

This plug-in software is DLL type code used as "foobar2000.exe" (see to use as active crossover plug-in.
This was developed by AEDIO's fellow guys and current one is developed Mr.Minn as volunteer based efforts.
Now foobar2000 version was updated over 1.0x , so we decided to move version 0.83 to 1.00 or later ones.
Currently version 0.83 compatible plug-ins are not listed on this page.
If you like to keep using foonar2000.exe version 0.83 compatible DLL codes, please contact us

This plugin is developed for 2channels stereo source only.

Please use 2 channels stereo source , donot use with mono,4channels,6channels etc.
If you find any problem , please contact us

New feature added

New 2way and 3way modules support baffle step compensation using Shelving filter logic.
Please refer to "edge.exe" for example, it is very similar to "edge.exe" compensation.
The modules are listed below are compatible with foobar2000.exe version 1.00 or later version.
currently we have tested on version 1.0.3